Welcome to the weird part of family history! Growing up on a haunted farm
wasn’t something I personally would have chosen. I mean, would you choose
a house where you lie in bed at night and watch your covers being pulled
down by an invisible hand? Probably not.

Because it’s weird, and the weird should never be forgotten – I refuse to let it
vanish without being recorded. So, within this little volume lies stories you ’ve heard growing up, and stories you haven’t. Paranormal experiences I’ve had,
as well as others in the family, and those outside.

The UFO section (when I get to it) contains not only experiences on the farm,
but also off the farm. If you’ve never heard the UFO encounter Nannie and
Paw Paw had on their paper route – you’re in for a treat.

To the OCD members of the family, and those not a member, the lack of
specific dates will drive you crazy. But, childhood diaries where I recorded
things are long since gone. More recent accounts were slaughtered by
Jeff the Cat, of whom insisted on peeing and spraying everything in sight.

Also, the lack of proper grammar, and that I prefer the British spelling of certain
words, will drive you insane. You’ve been warned.

I hope you enjoy reading the weird side of our family history, and that it brings
back your own memories of growing up haunted.

Happy reading!



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