Fred’s Haunted House

Fred, a friend of our family, bought a really cool farm in the middle of nowhere. He liked it because he could work in his office and toss his fishing line out the window at the same time. It was perfect!
Fred also had two sons, both of whom were characters. They kept telling me their farm was haunted. I thought they were pulling my leg and didn’t believe them. Then, late one afternoon, Dad decided we’d all go out to Fred’s farm.
Come nightfall, everyone was on the other side of the house talking, everyone except me. I was exploring the room next door.
As I was about to leave and join the others, a shadow came out of nowhere. It stopped and stared at me from the dining room doorway. It was the shadow of a man. I thought the boys were pranking me, but I was still scared. The shadow shot off into the kitchen.
I looked in the other room where everyone was talking, and there were the two boys. Neither of them could have pulled it off and gotten back to the room in time.
Needless to say, I never wanted to go back there again, nor did I tell anyone what had happened. I had enough on my plate with our own haunted house. I didn’t need to add anyone else’s ghosts to the list.

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