Can Cats See Ghosts?

Because Lillie is out to win the most talkative cat of the year award tonight, I thought it’d be fun to do a little article on whether cats can see ghosts. I’ve always used my cats as sensors. When they stop and look somewhere – so do I. Most of the time I see what they are looking at.

Right now, Lillie has stopped and is staring out the rear van windows. I stopped to see what she was looking at. Normally, it’s another cat, and sometimes the neighbours dog. I see nothing, and she’s back to licking herself.

When I lived in the cottage, I relied on my cats for sound verification. There’s that point between waking, and asleep where you aren’t sure if the sound you hear is part of a dream, or is real. I’d check the cats. If their heads were up, and ears twitching – I knew the sound was real.

We know that cats can see in the dark and so it’s easy to think they might be able to see the light from entities that we humans can only see using infrared cameras. Since their hearing is so much better than our own, perhaps they can pick up an entity talking, which for us would require a digital voice recorder.

I think it’s quite possible they can see and hear ghosts. Whether it frightens them or not is anyone’s guess. So, what do you think? Can they see and hear them, or not? Have you ever thought your cat was seeing a ghost? Share below!


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