When Things Go Wrong

Publishing my first Kindle book has been an amazing, and frustrating challenge. I discovered that using Google docs was a huge mistake, as well as using a Chromebook for anything.

What I find that makes writing easier is Scrivener or yWriter6. Unfortunately, Chromebook isn’t compatible with any of the above – or anything else. So, a few weeks ago, I found my old purple HP Stream on a shelf, dusted it off, and spent an entire day trying to undo the damage Windows 10 updates did to it.

Afterward, I uploaded Scrivener, and began working in my favourite software to finish my book. Sadly, the laptop only lasted a couple weeks before it developed a relentless scroll.

After trying everything on the net to fix the little bugger, I did a system reset. Guess what?! It didn’t work. In fact, the reset made the laptop refuse to acknowledge the SD card. So, I did a second reset – took it to the end of the yard and threw it in the rubbish bin. Enough losing time on devices that refuse to work.

So, today, it’s a trip to Walmart to find another cheap laptop that I can install my beloved Scrivener on, and get my book up on Kindle.



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