Kitty and the Closet Door in the Hallway

The other day I was over at mom’s house and watched Kitty go to the bathroom hall and sit down in front of the hall closet door.

At first, I thought he heard a mouse, but he wasn’t staring where the mouse would have been. He had his gaze fixed on the doorknob. He sat there the longest time and refused to take his eyes off the knob.

I thought of the post I wrote about whether cats can see ghosts or not. Then, I remembered there’s a guy on YouTube who has filmed his cat going to the door at the exact same hour every night and stares at it.

Is Kitty hearing something that I’m not catching, or even feeling? Is it a mouse I can’t hear? Or is mom’s cat just a little weirdo? The answer is debatable, but I can guarantee you, I’ll be keeping an eye on that door from now on.

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