If it Can’t be Proven by Science!

In researching the paranormal, the one consistent thing you can count on is neurologists and psychologist saying paranormal experiences are a result of some form of mental illness. It never fails.

With these “scientists”, and that’s what they are, if you showed them videos, photos, EVP’s, they would tell you they are fake – regardless of who showed them. Personally, I’m convinced if you put them in a room where extreme activity was happening, they would deny it all. It’s what they do.

The problem, is man and his arrogance. To many people, science is everything. If science says something doesn’t exist, or this, that, and the other is something in particular – than it is! It should not be questioned.

The reality is, science doesn’t prove all. It’s biased. A fine example comes from my own experience while studying wildlife management at a one of the best tech schools in Ohio.

In the early 80’s, there was the strong belief in the scientific community that beaver were so extremely intelligent that they couldn’t be live trapped more than once. Oddly, the team I was on trapped this one beaver more than twice! How did we know it was the same beaver? Because he had a scar. We measured it, recorded it, took photos. Everything to prove it was the same beaver.

Then came the fatal moment when we discovered the reality of the scientific community. We took our findings to our instructor. He said we were liars. Faking data. Who were we to tell scientists with vast more experience and knowledge that they were wrong! He was livid!

That last line told me everything I needed to know about the scientific field. It wasn’t about finding facts. It was about agreeing with the status quo. It also wouldn’t be my last time to see how the scientific field really operates.

Scientists are biased – and therefore, so is science – all fields of science. A lot of what is claimed should be taken with grain of salt, and anything professional scientists say about the of paranormal – ignored all together.

Those of us who have had paranormal experiences know that world is real. Investigators using the latest in ghost hunting tools, have collected enough data to back up the reality for those who demand a scientific approach.

Sadly, there will always be those who are skeptic to the point of being idiots.


3 thoughts on “If it Can’t be Proven by Science!

  1. Indeed. “Proof” doesn’t necessarily sway someone if their worldview doesn’t allow for it. Scientism is rampant in western culture. While I agree with scientific findings in the natural world, I also agree there is confirmation bias in the scientific community. I feel that the sheer volume of paranormal/supernatural encounters and the consistencies within many of them should at minimum give people pause. Sure, it’s anecdotal evidence and I concede that to the skeptic, but not everything is empirically testable. I love my wife but it cannot be tested in a lab. Endorphins can be found in my brain but that doesn’t prove I act lovingly toward her. I could be a jerk and still possess the endorphins. I’ve experienced the supernatural myself and know that it is easier to keep quiet and assume most people will think I’m nuts.

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    1. Very well said! I think the majority of people have had paranormal experiences. They just keep quiet for fear of being seen as nuts. I kept my mouth shut for years and only shared with a few people. Then I discovered the closer I get to 60, the less I care, so I started writing about them. 🙂

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      1. Yes indeed. I’ve alluded to my experiences on my blog, but around Halloween time I have asked people to be open-minded. It’s easy to be the skeptic shaking his/her head in the corner at every belief that’s different. It is a position that requires little thought.

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