Get 25% Off By Spreading the Word

Hey everyone! Yesterday, I posted about a new booklet I just put out. It’s in PDF and available for only $1.50. But! If you click on the book at my store, you’ll see at the top there’s a blurb that says if you share with a friend, both of you will get 25%! That means you only pay 94 cents!

If you don’t have any friends who share your interest in the creepy, just scroll down the page and you’ll see a big button that says, “Share and Get 25% off.” Click it! Share it on Facebook or Twitter. You’ll get an email with a discount code, just like with the share with a friend. Click here to save!

By doing the above, you not only save, but you help me spread the word!

Thanks so much in advance! And hope you enjoy the new stories that were too creepy to write about in, “UFO and Paranormal Activity on the Old Titus Dairy Farm.”


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