The Creepy Mannequin

I’ve been doing research for a historical fiction book based on my great, great, great Grandpa Henri Wehrung. Yesterday, I spent several hours in Chester, Ohio where he lived when he first moved to Ohio in 1847.

Anyway, while I was in the Chester Court House Museum, I came across the creepy gal in the pic. I had just hung out with the boy scout mannequin, enjoying seeing the original uniform, etc., and then turned the corner to check out what was in the cabinets. All I did was turn the corner, face the cabinets, not noticing little Miss Creepy, when chills shot down my spine and I had goosebumps. For no logical reason, I wanted to run.

I stepped back and noticed little Miss Creepy standing there. I walked toward her, the same experience happened that sent me stepping back. I stood back staring at her, then walked past her to see how I’d feel. The further I got from her the fear and chills left. I walked back around the counter that’s in front of her and hung out with the boy scout again. There was no response.

I went back around to little Miss Creepy, and sure enough! It happened all over again. I wished so bad I had my compass with me so I could see if I could get a reading. But I had nothing.

Is there an entity attached to the mannequin? No clue. But I do intend to return and see if I have the same experience, and see if I get a reading. It was just odd that out of all the mannequins in the museum this was the only one that elicited a response. Why only this spot? Why only this mannequin?

Share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear your ideas and get some feedback on this.


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