Mothman Festival This Weekend!

Woot!!! The festival that started me writing books is just around the corner! More than anything, I go for the cool lectures that are held all afternoon in the old State Theatre (which isn’t air conditioned), and fresh lemonade. Can’t resist the fresh lemonade. And this weekend – they’re going to sell loads of it because it’s going to be a scorcher.

On the bright side! There’s the TNT Area air conditioned bus tour for a break from the heat! That’s where I was hiding two years ago. Technically, you’re supposed to get your tickets in advance, but there’s always an extra seat somewhere, and the bus operates all day, so you’ll be fine if you didn’t get an advanced ticket. Tickets are $20 and worth every penny to explore the story of the Mothman.

There’s loads of stuff to do when you get there:

  1. Mothman Museum
  2. Selfie at the Mothman statue
  3. Meet TV personalities
  4. Meet authors
  5. Cosplayers (pull out your costume!)
  6. 5k Run
  7. Live music
  8. River Museum
  9. Tu Endie Wei Park just a nice little walk down the road. Take a tour of the cabin!
  10. Lectures in the State Theatre
  11. Explore the River Wall murals along the mighty Ohio River.
  12. Lots of vendors

Plus, there’s the haunted Lowe’s Hotel right in the mix of things, and more.

I’m only able to make it on Sunday’s, so I don’t know what the parking is like on Saturdays, but on Sunday, just get there extra early and there’s tons of parking along roads. This was my parking spot last year. It was a block or two away, and perfect to run back to my campervan for a bite to eat or potty. Porty pots are available at the festival, but seriously? When you have your home with you? 🙂

Check back tomorrow for more on the Mothman Festival! I’m sharing stories and pics all week!


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