Mothman Festival: You Never Know What Will Happen

Crypto Kid Mothman Festival 2018

The biggest thrill out of last years Mothman Festival was meeting the Crypto Kid (Colin Schneider)! I’d been following his blog and listening to interviews and couldn’t believe my luck that he was at the festival. It’s always fun meeting bloggers in person.

Colin was sitting at his table, wearing his famous hat, with a small stack of his book, “Ramblings of Teenaged Cryptozoologists.” It’s a compilation of his articles, along with articles by his friend, Tyler Houck, that they’ve published on the web and in various journals.

I flipped through the book as he explained there were creatures inside that I’d never heard of. He was totally convinced. It didn’t take much for me to fork over $20. Any time I see a kid doing awesome things I want to encourage them on and support them in whatever way I can. In this case – it was buying his book. 🙂

The book is amazing! The work the boys had put into their research was obvious from the start. 44 pages of charts listing every imaginable creature with location, description, notes, and similar species. Then, there’s the articles with images and bibliography at the end of each article.

Colin was right. I came across a lot of creatures I’d never heard of and the stories about them were captivating.

As I walked away holding his book and laughing at his autograph, “Stay Weird,” I shook my head saying, “This teenager has done what I’ve always wanted to do – write a book! I’m 57, and I’ve been beaten by a kid.”

It was time for the next lecture, so I headed for the State Theatre. Half-way through the afternoon lectures it hit me. I can write a book! I do have something to write about! I grew up on a freaking haunted farm where in the 60’s, and part of the 70’s, UFO’s could be spotted. Write about that!

You can pretty much imagine the struggle in my mind after that. What would my family say was the biggie. By the end of the afternoon – I decided I didn’t care. I was going to write my book no matter what.

Four months later, I published “UFO and Paranormal Activity on the Old Titus Dairy Farm.” Much to my surprise, as locals began reading the book, they started to share that they’d heard stories while growing up about hauntings on the old Titus Road, and Titus Mansion. And now they were learning another former Titus owned property was haunted as well!

They also shared their own paranormal and UFO experiences and that of their families. Stories I would have never heard if I hadn’t written my book.

Like I said! You never know what might happen at the Mothman Festival!

Me in my writer’s cave, also known as campervan in progress

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