Mothman Festival: Tu Endie Wei State Park – Haunted? or Not?

Monument at Tu Endie Wei State Park, Pt Pleasant, WV

It’s a well known fact that paranormal activity occurs most at places of tragedy and battlefields. Pt. Pleasant has both, and both are located in walking distance of the Mothman Festival – so bring your gear!

If you’re standing with your back to the Mothman Museum, look left, and start walking that way. At the end of the road is Tu Endie Wei where the Battle of Pt Pleasant took place in 1774. There’s a cabin to explore, restrooms, picnic tables, and various monuments to see. History buffs will fall in love with it.

Paranormal buffs will want to hang out at night and see if the paranormal activity claims are true. According to PANICd, reports of “strange lights” have been seen, “investigators have recorded EVP’s,” and activity has been reported around the cabin.

Then, there’s the Silver Bridge collapse of December 15, 1967. With your back to the Mothman Museum look right and head that way a couple blocks to 6th St and turn left. Down that way is where the bridge was.

All of us who were alive at the time remember the nightmare of it going down. In a lot of ways it feels like it happened just yesterday. That same fear. That same tightness in the chest happens just thinking about that moment.

To me, if there’s going to be paranormal activity, it should be there on the river, where 46 people drowned, both adults and children. I’ve never come across anything yet that mentions paranormal activity around there, but it doesn’t mean you can’t check for yourself! Who knows! You might discover something! If you do, go show your evidence to the guys at the Mothman Museum.


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