Mothman Festival 2019 Roundup: Meeting Local Author George Dudding

One of the highlights of the festival this year was meeting other local authors, especially one of my favourites – George Dudding! Dudding has written over 53 books on the paranormal, UFO’s and cryptids.

Spencer State Hospital” is one of my favourites. That place is just freaking creepy, not to mention, for those who were forced to live there – a complete and total nightmare.

We talked a decent bit about the asylums and how they were pretty much experimental torture chambers. As others came to his table, the conversation switched to the Silver Bridge Collapse. Yup, he has a book on that too! Dudding’s father, like many on that fateful day, helped with the rescues.

It was interesting listening to outsiders coming in and what they wanted to talk about most. It seemed the Silver Bridge collapse was just as popular as the Mothman himself.

If you’re ever at a festival and see Dudding’s booth, check it out! He’s one of the friendliest local authors you can meet, and really enjoyable to talk to.

His next event for 2019 is the Black Walnut Festival, October 10 – 13, in Spencer, WV.


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