Paranormal Activity Alive in Mom’s House Again

Sunday, I was visiting Mom and pacing back and forth in her room. Just as I was about to round the corner toward the living room, I slowed down. The wind was roaring like a freight train through the trees, but my ears caught another sound – like someone was running up behind me. Next thing I knew, I felt someone pull my hair and blow on the right side of the back of my head.

I grabbed my head, swirled around, and said to Mom, “Whoa!!! Someone just blew on the back of my head!”

Mom gave me a look like I was an idiot, then suggested “Mr Titus” (our family ghost) was at it again. And then she watched as I swatted the air and stared about the room. The swatting was because I thought perhaps I’d walked through a cobweb. There were no cobwebs in sight, none in my hair, and there was no way a cobweb could have grabbed the bottom of my hair and pulled down.

I think the biggest surprise came from the feeling in the room. Most of the time, when I’ve had encounters, I’d have chills, or at least feel a bit of fear. I felt none of that this time.

I can’t remember the last time I was physically attacked. I also haven’t experienced any paranormal activity in the house since the answering machine incident (see book). Then again, I’ve avoided Mom’s house at all cost at night time.

There’s the possibility that I’ve triggered reactions because I’ve been upstairs a lot during the day. I use it for storage and I keep my printer there. I take stuff up, and bring stuff down pretty frequently. I also stuck my cats in my old room last week while I was gone. Personally, I think that was the culprit, because it was either that day, or the next, Mom heard a noise in the house thinking someone was in there with her. Even her cats raised their heads at the noise. According to her, it definitely wouldn’t have been mice.

Another incident took place earlier this week. I was replacing the tracking on the folding double-doors going up the stairs. I could see Mom was between the living room and her room looking for her cat. Meanwhile, someone was making a racket in her old bedroom just up the stairs from me.

We’ll see how long the activity lasts this time.

Meanwhile, has anyone else had periods of quiet, and then activity starts up again?


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