A shadow and other stuff

The activity continues with a rather weird experience Mom had over a week ago. I didn’t blog about it right off because we’ve been trying to debunk what happened. I’ve given up. So, here’s the story she shared with me.

I was going to bed and looked out the window at your RV. I saw your shadow and realised you were still reading.

Apparently, something wasn’t quite right, because she messaged me asking if my blinds were pulled. I didn’t see the message until the next day, after she’d told me her experience.

I drilled Mom repeatedly about her experience. Then, took her to the window she’d looked out of.

“There’s no way you could have seen my shadow. Look.” Mom looked out her window. My awning is so low she couldn’t possibly have seen my window, much less my shadow. Plus, there’s the fact that I was in bed reading, not sitting up at the window anyway.

On another night, shortly after that, she heard knocks at the door. She thought it was me needing something, and went to answer the door. No one was there. We live in the country, so it wasn’t kids playing jokes.

There have been other knocks and noises that are inexplicable. So, in the end, we settled on it being paranormal.

What are your thoughts?


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