Chills down the spine

Like I always say, I don’t post unless something has happened, and happened it did on Shabbos night (Saturday).

Mom was up the field at my nephew’s house and I had charge of her cats for the evening. I tossed Kitty inside around 7:30 PM, and headed for the living room to see if Baby was on the front porch.

One step into the dining room and the chills hit. Bear in mind, the rest of the house is super warm. The dining room should be as well. By the time I was in the living room, I was growling, “Leave me alone.” I opened the door and looked outside – no cat.

I turned around. The tiny hairs were standing at attention on my arms and I had goosebumps. Two steps back toward the kitchen, and I stopped and looked up at the ceiling. Someone was dragging something across the floor. “Ok! That’s it!” I shot out of the house leaving poor Kitty to handle it on his own. LOL Poor cat.

And that folks, is why I don’t like going to Mom’s at night. 🙂


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