The Vanishing Yo

Hey y'all! Rosh Hashanah begins tonight and ends Tuesday night, so I will be vanishing until Wednesday. Wednesday is going to be a cool post on Bryna Butler's, "Wrong Side of the Storm." It's the second book in her Mothman Mysteries series. Let's just say I was surprised, and really loved the book. So, check … Continue reading The Vanishing Yo

We All Have a Story to Tell

This past week at our Writers' Guild meet-up I was asked how many books I've sold. I was a bit embarrassed by my answer, but then I went on to explain that I hadn't actually marketed my book. I never created an authour platform. In other words, I didn't plan this book to be a … Continue reading We All Have a Story to Tell

The Advantage of Blogging a Book

Back in September, I was at the annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV. While enjoying the afternoon lectures on UFOs, the Mothman and the paranormal, I got a great idea for a book! I could write about growing up on a haunted farm! The paranormal is something I know about. I’m not an investigator, … Continue reading The Advantage of Blogging a Book