The Race Against the Clock

Yesterday, I was fighting like crazy to meet my deadline for getting my book up on Amazon by midnight. I wanted to be able to say I published my first book in 2018. But, Murphy’s Law was in command.

By 3:15 P.M., my book was ready to go. The upload to Kindle Direct Publishing bounced, and I had to upload the book again. I redesigned the cover using the KDP program, liked what I had, and away we went.

After filling out all the bits and bobs about my book, I hit the “save and continue” button. A message popped up informing me the process could take several minutes. Three hours later, and other failed attempts, my book was still in “draft”.

I hovered my pointer over the word “draft” and it told me:

Information has been entered for your title, but the “Save and Publish” button has not been selected. 

Unfortunately, it won’t allow me to hit the “Save and Publish” button, because it was supposedly still processing my book – one day later!

Yes, one day later, I’m still in “draft”. In an act of total desperation, I just posted a message for help in the KDP community. Hoping someone has an answer soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve learned a lot of lessons in trying to publish my first book. The main one being – Murphy’s Law rules, and the process will never be as easy as you think. 🙂


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