Get 25% Off By Spreading the Word

Hey everyone! Yesterday, I posted about a new booklet I just put out. It's in PDF and available for only $1.50. But! If you click on the book at my store, you'll see at the top there's a blurb that says if you share with a friend, both of you will get 25%! That means … Continue reading Get 25% Off By Spreading the Word


New Stories Available!

When I wrote my book, "UFO and Paranormal Activity on the Old Titus Dairy Farm," there were a couple stories I left out. I did it on purpose because they were pretty wild. Imagine going to a local pub and finding it full of entities, or a roommate bringing home a book with an entity … Continue reading New Stories Available!

If it Can’t be Proven by Science!

In researching the paranormal, the one consistent thing you can count on is neurologists and psychologist saying paranormal experiences are a result of some form of mental illness. It never fails. With these "scientists", and that's what they are, if you showed them videos, photos, EVP's, they would tell you they are fake - regardless … Continue reading If it Can’t be Proven by Science!