It’s Live!!! The Ghosts of Springhollow!

It's finally up! And - with an awesome cover by an amazing teen artist, Raizel "The Kid" Lieb! For today only, you can grab it for your kids, grandkids, heck - even yourself, for only 99 cents. Tomorrow it goes up to $2.99. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂 Click here to check it out! PS: … Continue reading It’s Live!!! The Ghosts of Springhollow!


Casting Call!

Pickles and Piper Mysteries

While finishing up “The Ghosts of Springhollow,” and working on my outline of the sequel, “Revenge of The Turd,” I realised I’m in need of three extra kids in the story – 2 jerks, and 1 nice kid.

So, I came up with a fun idea! For 1 cuppa coffee, you can have your child in “Revenge of The Turd.” (coming out in September)  Just let me know if they want to be a jerk or nice.  🙂 They’ll also have a special mention at the back of the book for participating.  I only need 3 kids, so it’s first come, first serve.  🙂 One cup per kid.

Looking forward to seeing who my 3 new characters are!  Make sure you check the number of cups served. When you see 4, the entries are filled.

Click the link here or in the sidebar to participate!  🙂

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