Chills down the spine

Like I always say, I don't post unless something has happened, and happened it did on Shabbos night (Saturday). Mom was up the field at my nephew's house and I had charge of her cats for the evening. I tossed Kitty inside around 7:30 PM, and headed for the living room to see if Baby … Continue reading Chills down the spine


Paranormal Activity Alive in Mom’s House Again

Sunday, I was visiting Mom and pacing back and forth in her room. Just as I was about to round the corner toward the living room, I slowed down. The wind was roaring like a freight train through the trees, but my ears caught another sound - like someone was running up behind me. Next … Continue reading Paranormal Activity Alive in Mom’s House Again

Mothman Festival 2019 Roundup: Meeting Local Author George Dudding

One of the highlights of the festival this year was meeting other local authors, especially one of my favourites - George Dudding! Dudding has written over 53 books on the paranormal, UFO's and cryptids. "Spencer State Hospital" is one of my favourites. That place is just freaking creepy, not to mention, for those who were … Continue reading Mothman Festival 2019 Roundup: Meeting Local Author George Dudding

Casting Call!

Pickles and Piper Mysteries

While finishing up “The Ghosts of Springhollow,” and working on my outline of the sequel, “Revenge of The Turd,” I realised I’m in need of three extra kids in the story – 2 jerks, and 1 nice kid.

So, I came up with a fun idea! For 1 cuppa coffee, you can have your child in “Revenge of The Turd.” (coming out in September)  Just let me know if they want to be a jerk or nice.  🙂 They’ll also have a special mention at the back of the book for participating.  I only need 3 kids, so it’s first come, first serve.  🙂 One cup per kid.

Looking forward to seeing who my 3 new characters are!  Make sure you check the number of cups served. When you see 4, the entries are filled.

Click the link here or in the sidebar to participate!  🙂

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