More to do at the Mothman Festival: The Haunted Lowe Hotel

Last year, I finally conned Mom (83 at the time), into going on a mini-trip to Pt. Pleasant, one of my favourite haunts. I took her picture with the Mothman. We got coffee at the corner shop. Then, I convinced her to check out the Lowe Hotel. It was our first time to ever see it.

Folks! There are no words for the beauty of the lobby. Antiques, marble, lovely sitting area that makes you wish you’d brought a good book, we were both gobsmacked. If you don’t step in and take a peek – you’re totally missing out.

For the paranormal enthusiast, it’s a gem. The Lowe is known for being haunted. Rather than go into all the hauntings myself, check out Theresa’s Haunted History of the Tri-State. She’s got an entire list of what’s seen where in the hotel. Scroll down to “The Ghosts” when you check out her post.

That’s it for today! Mothman Festival Kickstarter begins tonight! I’ll be there Sunday. Check out the web page!

Have a Mothy Weekend! 🙂


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