Entities and Phones

It was the early 80’s and I was living in Georgia. One rainy night, several of us got together, and in the course of the conversation the subject of the paranormal came up.

The atmosphere in the room slowly went from comfortable to slightly creepy. The creepier it got, the stronger the feeling inside me became that the phone was going to ring. A few minutes later – it did.

The guy closes to the phone looked up and said, “I just had the feeling the phone was going to ring.” He reached over and picked it up. I watched his face. I knew no one was on the line. It was the same gut feeling I’d had when I knew the phone was going to ring.

After saying hello a couple times. He just sat listening, then hung up.

“No one was there. It was just static.”

He sat quietly for a moment. “I knew when I answered it, no one was gonna be there.”

We sat at the table staring at one another. No one said a word. The phone rang again.

“It’s going to be more of the same.”

I agreed. And it was.

Before writing this post, I did a bit of research online to see if others have had the same, or similar experience. I ran into a lot. Most of the experiences took place at night, like ours.

It makes you wonder why they choose the phone. Why not just move something in the house? Poke you? Or is the phone just a way to purposefully creep you out? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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